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Moved to another loving home

February 16, 2014 2 min read


Souls that stole our hearts the moment we set eyes upon them, souls that bind us to them with attachment, souls that gave us years of enjoyment and delight, must often leave us.

And when the time comes for them to go, we wish them well, and pray that they will find love in their new homes.

I am talking about the souls of tribes embedded in the traditional textiles of a time long past, although this is equally true for people – e.g. our children.

Every time a piece from my collection leaves to join another collector – the heartache is very perceptible. Like parents might feel when they give the bride away. There is a very real moment when I wish to reverse the decision and crave for to regain the status of a moment ago. But in the end, my heart yields to my head and I let it go.

A few things that have caused me tremendous heartache when they left  –  things that have given me immense delight by their very existence:


A Sutra


A coral skeypuk


A Khamseh rug

Antique Timor woven sashA Timor Sash

And finally this piece that I had carried back from Lhasa nearly a decade ago!


I remind myself that these are antique pieces – pieces that existed before me and will probably live on after me – that I am a mere custodian entrusted with the responsibility of keeping them safe for a short period of their lifespan.

And in the grand scheme of the life of the piece, I can never really ‘own’ a piece simply because I paid money for it.  I am just paying to have it in my environment and behold it – I can never really  ‘possess’ it. The only real owners of the souls of these pieces are their creators.

From my notes *Musings of a Antiques-Collector*

More items that were once a part of the collection and are now decorating other lives may be seen here


Feb 2014

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