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Krishna’s Raas Lila in Silk Embroidery

March 21, 2019 1 min read

And not just any silk embroidery ….but double-sided do-rukha silk embroidery!

So perfectly done that it isn’t easy to figure out which side is the front / back!

Wovensouls Art Gallery - Chamba Rumal - Textile Artwork

Jewel-like colors of silk right?!

Both depict Krishna with his Gopis!

Antique Chamba Rumal - Double Sided SIlk Embroidery - TRADITIONAL TEXTILES of Himachal Pradesh

The following book published by Asoke. K. Bhattacharyya in 1968 is recommended reading for this subject:


See more of the two Rumals in the Wovensouls Art Gallery here

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