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Daiy Art Fix – A Magnificent Chope Phulkari

December 10, 2015 1 min read

The Holbein stitch renders the pattern on both the front and the back   of the cloth simultaneously! As one of the two sides of the cloth on which the work is being done is always unseen by the artist, it must take some genius to produce an artwork that is perfect on both sides.

Somewhat like playing chess with notation – never seeing the arrangement of pieces – only imagining them.

The tedium involved in creating  one square foot of such work is unimaginable and certainly not for the weak minded like myself!  And so when I see a whole large 10feet x 5 feet Chope phulkari densely filled with such stitches I am overwhelmed just thinking about the work that has gone into this.

It is  a work not only of the hands but also of the mind!

Am fascinated by this old wedding textile that is large and superb and dense and perfect and ….




Detailed photos will be on wovensouls.com in January.



December 2015


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