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Celebrate the Sunrise

December 23, 2015 1 min read

… with a tribal weaving that has sunrise motifs.

Myanmar Weaving1

Sunrise motif [as I see it]

In many ways . the final days of the trip spent in Ubud, Jagpati, Kamasan and Denpasar villages were the most spectacular!

Bali not only lives up to its fantastic reputation, it goes way beyond expectation! But more about Bali and its overwhelming beauty later!




Right now I cannot hold back my excitement of unpacking and studying the textiles I found here. Naturally these could not have been found in the smaller islands, even though they are made there ..because the trade centre is Bali!

So here is the sunrise textile from the hilltribes of Myanmar with Job’s tear seeds woven in!

Myanmar Weaving



Still to be unpacked and enjoyed are some beautifully beaded Batak Ulos, a rare Singaraja shoulder cloth (probably 19th century) with fabulous colors, a double-sided woven Bali Bagang, a vintage ship cloth from Lombok, a museum quality Sarita Toraja, antique Ikat with superb red and indigo blue and a beautiful sumatran ider-ider.

And finally a very rare museum-quality Kalimantan baby carrier with the hornbill motif!

Cannot wait to explore these pieces and their cultural background!

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writing from this desk in Ubud


Dec 2015


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