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Catching Butterflies in Burslem 

June 04, 2018 1 min read

As a collector one is supposed to have focus and collect a particular category of objects. 

But as the child (that none of us completely outgrow) (i hope) I enjoyed chasing butterflies. Yellow ones that came in pairs, small purple and grey ones and the designer monarchs. 

So every now and then I bought a purcecthat is not a category I understand at all – simply because it caught my eye. 

Hete is a flea market piece acquired in 2002 in Singapore. 

Made in Burslem, UK it somehow moved to Singapore. Then with me it moved to Mumbai where it survived our busy home filled with 1husbanf, 3 kids, 1 dog, 1 cat and live-in staff. And now it rests in Goa awaiting our minthlg visits. 

And a piece of paper that was discovered in the jug : 

“Fine earthenware and Chine

Made at Burslem

c 1882-1902”

More on Burslem from thepottery.org

It is notes like these that make the butterfly chase a vety enjoyable engagement! 

Photos of the bottom:

jaina mishra


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