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Beauty of The Checkerboard

July 28, 2018 1 min read

Checkerboards are simple forms. Arkilla Jenngo

Not much creativity needed to create these basic geometric forms. It could even be said that checkerboard motifs are born during one’s lazier creative moments.

But throw in a little color & a few motifs and the overall impact becomes so spectacular that the arrangement is transformed into a work of art!

Arkilla Jenngo

The gorgeous Arkilla Jenngo blanket proves this!

Arkilla Jenngo

The aesthetic is so stronger and pleasing that it deserves a display wall of its own!

The question now is – which aesthetic do I like the most?

The Arkilla Kerka? The Arkilla Khasa? Or the Arkilla Jennga?

Tough question!

See more images here on wovensouls.com. 


jaina mishra


p.s. just remembered the several pochampally saris I have!

Even there, it is the additional element of color that makes the piece!

a photo from a few moons ago!



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