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Astrological Calendars – 4 – Myanmar Mandala Spirit Cloths

May 16, 2017 2 min read

Mandala Spirit Cloths from Myanmar were commissioned by families of means and created by learned men and monks.

They are believed to have healing / protective powers and the power to bring good luck to the owner. Their power could be enhanced by being folded and worn on the shoulder of a monk under robes. Creating them was time intensive as each section is worked on days considered to be auspicious. First, the Buddha image was painted at the center along with the circles around the piece. Other figures are added on auspicious dates.

The charts address the cosmic forces and arrive at magic formulae that benefit the person this is created for.  Astrology, cosmology, numerology are intricately linked to the supernatural in ways that are understood by few today – lending a certain mysticism to the entire subject.

Influenced by both the neighbouring cultures of India and China, these calendars and horoscopes contain Hindu Gods as well as the 12-year Chinese animal cycle.

These divination systems are used not only for daily-life planning but also for important events like marriages and building houses – and – to my surprise – also for military engagements. But when I think  about it – this is natural.

For life, in all its aspects including the strategy that the military commander comes up with – is ruled by a belief system. And that belief system is a product of the environment he was raised in. So the hand that rocked the cradle does rule the world …

A few examples from wovensouls:



1095 Vintage Mandala Spirit Cloth from Myanmar Burma Buddhist Art Paintingscreen-shot-2016-07-05-at-7-55-48-pm

And one more manuscript




Reading and understanding it all is relatively easy … but until I experience life there, the understanding will not be complete. One day soon…


Further reading:

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