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“An Indian Discovers India” – Photo Art Prints Exhibition

November 03, 2011 1 min read

For an Indian born and raised in urban India, discovering the diverse spectrum of cultures in the extreme geographical ends has been a journey filled with revelations about India’s identity. “Undefinable” is the only word that defines India.

A few impressions from my journey presented in an online exhibition.


These are all normal everyday people.  Fashionable. Elegant. Settled souls. Alive with spirit. Compassionate. Hospitable. Unafraid. Bonded. Happy. Even though they live in harsher circumstances.

The heightened black in the imagery is intentional and represents the harsh tones of their circumstance. It provides the base darkness that their brilliant spirit pierces through and lights up the image.

The exhibits on this article have now been removed.

In November 2012, a brick-and-mortar exhibition at ‘The Arts House” will be held in Singapore.  About 60 portraits will be showcased. Please look for the announcements page or email me for details.


November 2011

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