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A Child Gives Birth to a Mother

March 07, 2015 1 min read

When a child is born – so is the mother!


Some women knit for their babies. Others embroider.

And we have works of love being created, as the woman pours out all her emotion for her unborn baby into the creation.

Sometimes, these works of love, are also works of timeless art.

An example of such art from Kohistan:


b IMG_7559 CORR c IMG_7559 CORR

Embroidery that wraps the warp & the weft of the base cloth…. so finely done that I cannot imagine the demands on the artist’s eyes!

This vest probably fits a toddler – one that will be too big for a few months, just right for a few and then too small for a few. A year of usage is what it will see with each baby until it is handed down to the next child. Maybe the mother will add a few embellishments when it is time for the new baby. Ir change the inner lining. Or add a few motifs.

For every artist knows that no artwork is ever complete…

There’s always room for one more soul to be infused into it!


To view more images of the textile, click here.



March 2015

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