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Women of India – the Weaker sex….

April 26, 2012 1 min read

Presenting a view of the woman seen as the classical “abalaa naari” or the helpless woman of Indian society.

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The tribal Indian woman. An epitome of freedom and strength!

She is strong. She is independent. She can carry loads that would scare an urban man. And she roams the countryside without fear. She does not need a male escort. Nor does she depend on him for financial essentials. With the most amazing sense of fashion – colors and jewelry that she carries off with sophistication.

She can deliver babies, grow food, build houses, lead her animals, use them for food, speaks at least two languages, creates art and wanders her world.

Her uncomparable beauty – a result of genetic fusions across the centuries – is just a bonus.

I salute the tribal Indian woman.


April 2012

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