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Tribal Dances of Nagaland

December 26, 2010 1 min read

Every tribe has unique ways of celebrating festivals – some that are common to all Nagamese, others that are unique to each tribe.

A collection of images of various tribal groups is presented below.

Once I have read more, I will provide more details on the who, what and why of these dances…but in the meanwhile, images of the visual feast that I enjoyed in Nagaland are presented below:

Click to view slideshow.

Links to two very basic videos (many better ones available on youtube) that I took on my phone

More photo-travelogues on Nagaland

Naga Lifestyle

Traditional Naga Bamboo Climbing and Fire Making

Naga Textiles Part I: Red, White and Black – Tribal Textiles of Nagaland(published on Jozan)

Naga Textiles Part II: Tribal Textile and Bead Art of Nagaland

Tears in Kohima

Naga Portraits (professional quality images)

The wovensouls collection of antique Naga beads is showcased here.


December 2010

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