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The Olden Days – Punjab

February 25, 2019 1 min read

Can you feel the peace in this village?

It is almost as if time had stopped still here:IMG_0817-d



That era always attracts me and makes me wistful …the helplessness of not being able to live that lifestyle of the olden days is debilitating.

But at least here in Punjab I got to see a few things that could be touched and felt:



The Charpai above and the home-woven sheet (below) used to cover it when lying down.





The Cooking Stove – Choollah


And the earthenware pots used on the choollaah!


The only consolation was that the amazing art of cooking that Punjab offers – the Pinni & the Lassi and everything else … is still a thriving art with no signs of it ever vanishing.

So God Bless Gopal’s an every woman in every home who continues to make what her grandmothers did!



Feb 2019


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