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Stunning Old Costume Photos from Tibet

February 04, 2014 1 min read

  A delightful find on Facebook – stunning old photos of Tibetan women wearing their extravagant headdresses and accessories!



The headdress is used as a tool to attach false hair tied in elaborate ways. The beads on the padded band are most likely coral.


The large earrings are unique to the region that these ladies are from.


Note the silver belt. A similar one may be seen in the V&A museum and also on Wovensouls.com


Tibetan Pangden or aprons are woven on small looms and three panels are stitched together to form an apron. Among the Pangden in the Wovensouls collection are two antique pangden in wool, with all natural dyes!

Wovensouls-Traditions-Culture-Tibet-10Have never seen the pearl sashes adorning these women!




Note the various Ghau formats above – the rectangular one and the more artistic one hanging on chains of turquoise, coral and amber!




Wovensouls Tibetan jewelry

Wovensouls Tibetan jewelry

Wovensouls Tibetan jewelry

And the final showstopper!!

Tibetan lady with stunning traditional headdress jewelry and costumeAnd more:



What phenomenal beauty & diversity the world has lost to the invasion of jeans and t-shirts!!

To view some amazing antique Tibetan (and Himalayan) jewelry in the Wovensouls collection click here.


Feb 2014

Several of the images are from the Facebook page of Transhimalayan Heritage Arts (Kalimpong)

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