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Rare Textiles from Tiny Tribes

January 06, 2016 1 min read

Presenting two textiles from really small protected tribes in Orissa, Eastern India.

I have seen these worn by the people there but not on sale anywhere.

Both were acquired directly from the weavers.

  1. Bonda Tribe

Bonda Tribe Woven Textile



The Gadaba Tribe

gadaba textile.jpg


These two are the only examples of actual textiles I was able to procure from the weavers during my travels in 2013.

Will we see more? Will they ever increase production to sell to the outside world? Will they reduce and shift to cheaper, readily available garments? Will they give up their weaving?


jan 2016



 Rare Textiles from Tiny Tribes, tribal textiles, orissa textiles








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