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One more Dream Mansion – Penang

February 17, 2015 1 min read

Earlier on a trip to Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, I saw a house that I could so easily live in – Patwaon ki Haveli.

A house that – in itself is such an object of beauty that the soul would be content. So pretty that there would be no need to step outside.

Then on a recent trip to Penang I found one more house that has a similar essence.

They are different architecturally – one is totally Rajasthani and the other totally Peranakan.

But what I love about both is that each of them is true to the traditional character of the place & time of its creation and to the aesthetics of their master. Unlike some palaces of the time that were trying so hard to be European, these were true to their native character. The assertion of identity is seen in every detailed aspect of the house is so intense that it resonates with my sense of native pride.

Here are some pictures of the mansion in Penang.

DSC_3427n-2 DSC_3430n-2 DSC_3436n-2 DSC_3440n-2 DSC_3444n-2 DSC_3481n-2 DSC_3561n-2 DSC_3619n-2 DSC_3633n-2 DSC_3648n-2 DSC_3654n-2 DSC_3662n-2


The owners who came as laborers to Penang and built a little empire in their lifetime. Not royals, not nobles, not through inherited wealth. Just on the strength of their minds & muscles.

Penang IMG_5784-2n-2 Penang IMG_5785-2n-2

A glimpse of the kitchen:

Penang IMG_5788-2   Penang IMG_5798-2 Penang IMG_5802-2

So a new home is added to my list of dream-houses!

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