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Motif & Meaning – Caravans & Herders

November 22, 2015 2 min read

More textiles, more meaning!

Here are some created by a Bishnoi group from Rajasthan India.

These motifs that tell us about their lives through their portrayal of the cultural elements that were important to the creators.

The open geometry of the motifs reminds me of Hazara work and this is not surprising considering the migrations of gypsy / herder groups that is irrefutably evidenced by many many many textile similarities of the various groups of the region.

The motifs that are  particularly interesting are:

a) A Caravan procession

antique bishnoi hand woven hand embroidery skirt textile rajasthan

antique bishnoi hand woven hand embroidery skirt textile rajasthan

b) A herder with his camels?

antique bishnoi hand woven hand embroidery skirt textile rajasthanantique bishnoi hand woven hand embroidery skirt textile rajasthan


From the WOVENSOULS collection


Nov 2015


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