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Krishna Janmashtami

September 03, 2018 1 min read

Celebrating the birth of Krishna in the small village of Brittona in Goa with a dahi handi!

The earthenware pot filled with dahi and home made butter is suspended between two tall poles on a rope. And groups of young men make a human pyramid to get to the goodies. This recreates the mischief of little Krishna stealing butter from all the kitchens in his neighborhood.

This community festival is celebrated in unbelievable mega proportions in Mumbai.

But in this little village in Goa the handi and the prize is small as is the group attempting to get to it.

A few photos of setting it up …

Wishing everyone a happy Gokulashtami or Janmashtami and hoping for a bit of Krishna’s sense of mischief and a little of his enormous treasury of wisdom.

For it is he who enunciated the Bhagvat Gita!



Sept 2018

p.s. Saw the following photos on Facebook … the same event celebrated in mega Mumbai in a mega style that is unique to Mumbai!


Such amazing spirit in Mumbai at these times!

But the quaint little affair in my neighbouring village is equally endearing and just as mega Mumbai has its own charm, the exact opposite – the micro Village has its own!

Much love to every form of India!!

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