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Into the Hearts and Homes of the Dard people of Ladakh

August 03, 2013 1 min read



The Dard people of Ladakh are a minority group.  Their lifstyle is very different from the other groups in Ladakh yet this difference is  highly respected in the very inclusive society of Ladakh.  Nestled amidst the cold Himalayas the people of Ladakh have warm welcoming hearts. And it is to experience this that I was invited to the homes of a Dard family.

I feasted on the hot tea and biscuits, served along with the visual feast of ethnic costumes and jewelry!  Absolutely stunning adornments and clothing! But only half as stunning as their very unique culture. A few pictures below of the breakfast tea with my hosts. (April 2013)








Shining spirits, shining smiles!  I hope to have the good fortune to host these wonderful people at my home soon.


July 2013

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