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Goa Carnaval 2018

February 10, 2018 1 min read

Something to do over the weekend in case you are in Goa! 

Delighted to find local culture in the themes of the floats! 

Delighted to find people of all ages participating! 

Most partcipants seem to be from the lovely villages of Goa. 

Low on glamour but high on local charm – tbe street party was quite a draw for the hundreds that turned up for the show! 


Most of these float themes have a cultural story embedded! 

Maybe, the bonding within the community that results from the construction of the floats and the practice sessions is THE main output of this parade – maybe the ‘show’ value for spectators is secondary. 
At any rate it is the community bonding aspect that I value enjoy the most in any festival! 

The rest – the dress, the food, the dances eyc are just the frivolous ‘nice things’ that serve the core purpose of binding people together! 

Viva Carnaval! 
Feb 2018

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