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Choosing A Wedding Dress – Swat Valley Textiles

March 13, 2017 1 min read

It is the most difficult of all the difficult tasks in life …. to choose a wedding dress!

This problem exists across cultures, and although I have no personal experience, I am certain this problem has existed across the centuries.

Every culture comes up with its own logic for a type that is suitable for weddings … some choose white and others choose red.

Here is a culture that chose to do a bit of both! Red AND white …

Presenting some gorgeous bridal tunics from the Swat Valley region that have red or pink silk floss embroidery on white handspun handwoven coarse cloth:




And then there are the rare yellow base tunics:



And finally some that have black cotton as the base:



With such spectacular work on them, isn’t it easy to see why it must be so difficult to choose just one?

All these dresses are from the WOVENSOULS collection and some are on sale on WOVENSOULS.COM



Mar 2017
















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