New Textile Art Pieces in the WovenSouls Collection – November 2012

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Am back from a project in Kutch India.

The dealers of antique textiles are preparing for an alternate as they believe that the supply of up tribal textiles is drying up. Very few new pieces are being made by the tribal women who still know the craft and the stores of old pieces have been depleted. Although many organisations are devoted to ensuring that the art does not die out, it is still difficult, if not impossible to create the art of the past.

The despondent tone of the dealers rubs off on me. And I make up my mind to pick up what I can!

Each is a work of timeless art. Some are large, some are wallet sized, some are sling bags, some are vintage and some are antique but all are gorgeous!

A few quick uploads from the recent acquisitions below. Please visit  (updated link) to see the 4-5 pictures of each of the 15 new bags added to the collection!

Happy viewing!


Oct 31, 2012

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