E111 Antique TIBETAN Lighter - Fire Starter - WITH CORAL - Acquired from Tibet



Cannot say it enough that these authentic rustic pieces are very RARE now!

Such pieces are very special because they rarely ever reach the commercial market place - they live heartily with their masters until they can be used no more.

Decorated with coral beads and some ornate Tibetan silver

I enjoy the rustic authenticity that is visible here.

If only these pieces could speak and tell us its autobiography! But the lines on the leather and the rust on the metal are all that we have to go with.

Inside the pouch is a bundle of lint that tells of times when this was not a decorative collector's item but an object of use that traveled with the master.

And though we can never capture the whole story, we can at least hold the piece of history and allow it to give us a peep into the history of a vanishing culture!

Closes firmly with a clip.

Likely 19th century.

Will look superb mounted & framed as wall decor!