569 Vintage Kamasan Painting Star Calendar


Vintage Balinese Star Calendar, 1960s-1970s

The Balinese calendar integrates the Indian-derived lunar (saka) calendar with an indigenous system of weekly cycles (wuku) which constitute a 210-day year made up of different sequences of named days. It is a complex system of weeks and days in which some weeks run for 7 days and others run concurrently for 4 days and 5 days. Together they also comprise months known as Tumpeks. This intriguing system needs some study.

The vertical columns are the seven days with the God, wayang figure, bird and tree appropriate to that day at the top and the animal and demonic figures (buta) at the bottom. The horizontal rows represent each day of the five-day week.

Reference: Older paintings of this type can be found on wovensouls.com

This painting will add a superb cultural and interest-arousing touch to any home!


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