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CAL-101 Akha Phami Headdress, Quality Silver, circa 1930s

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Offered by Classified-Listing-Seller: Jonathan Goldney / Australia

Rare and genuine headdress, silver 'Dragon' coins; 19th century glass beads; silver buttons, chains, pendants, tassels; gibbon fur; red-dyed chicken hackles.

Damage / Shortcomings

Country of Origin: Burma

Size: H 61 cm, W 33 cm, weight 4.3 kg (including stand), 3.2 kg net

Condition:Very good condition. Silver looped rings on each side have minor spreading at the lower ends but other than this the headdress is in wonderful order. No loose coins, buttons, pendants or beads and the inner core is rigid and intact. A handmade item so there are some very minor discrepancies in uniformity and symmetry but all-in-all a fabulous hard-to-find piece.

Location of the artwork: Adelaide, Australia

Price: US$ 6000

Contact the Seller on email: lostheavens@hotmail.com



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