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9013 Antique Tibetan Astrological Calendar - MASTERPIECE


Amazing 18th century Antique Tibetan Astrological Calendar called Sidpaho

Note the charts and calculations in three sections.

The Sidpaho painting is a collection of astrological, calendar and primary element symbols.

As both an instructional tool and auspicious talisman the stylized astrological chart brings good fortune to all those who see, display or possess it.

Size : 137 x 77 cm, 53 x 64 cm the painting (1 inch = 2.54 cm)

Material: Ground Mineral Pigment on Cotton

Painting Size : 18 x 28 inches

Tibetan cloth & mineral paints

Estimated to be from the 1700s

 NOTE: Photos taken prior to framing - so the orange border is not visible.

This item has spent a lifetime being used for the purpose of its creation with the original artist/user. Signs of this life lived heartily may be present on the piece in the form of stains, thread loss, loose threads, holes, tears, color run and other imperfections. Therefore the condition must be assumed to be “not” perfect. More photos of such imperfections will be provided on request.


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