842 Rare Antique Kuba Ceremonial Raffia Jacket with Cowrie Shells

Antique Royal Ceremonial Tunic with Raffia, cowrie shells and beads from the Kuba People.

This tunic is a part of a larger ensemble called the "bwantshy".

Other examples that are somewhat similar:

1. Collection of The Newark Museum (USA).

LINK 1 http://www.scalarchives.com/web/dettaglio_immagine.asp?numImmagini=19&posizione=17&prmset=on&ANDOR=&xesearch=rafia&ricerca_s=rafia&SC_PROV=RR&SC_Lang=ita&Sort=8

2. Christies Sale 5072 (2003) http://www.christies.com/lotfinder/lot/une-costume-de-danse-kuba-republique-democratique-4116932-details.aspx?from=searchresults&intObjectID=4116932&sid=7b4265d1-dcae-469d-a037-5830311fddeb

A fabulous once in a lifetime find!

Estimated to be from the early /mid1900s and was probably collected from the field in the mid-1900s


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