787 RARE Antique Yao Dragon Bridge Painting Scroll


The Dragon Bridge of the Great Tao-- Tom To Luang Tsiou,

Pigments on double mulberry paper.

The processionals scroll painting serves as a bridge that connects this world with the supernatural worlds. The dragon bridge, a long paper scroll, is used in ceremonies and serves as a bridge that connects this world with the supernatural worlds and symbolises a communication line to the other world.

Painted with a multitude of figures. The God of the Soil and his assistant stand under a shrine at the far left.
Standing to the right of the shrine are priests welcoming the gods.
The sacrificial table separates the living from the deities illustrated in the other paintings. Orderlies, the Twelve Immortal Maidens, and the Seven Stars stand in front of the sedan chair carrying the deceased's soul.
An orchestra follows, and Tai Wai on his white horse leads the major gods. The Celestial Worthies or Pure Ones sit in oxcarts at the end of the scroll.

Condition: Minor damage, wear & tear

Dimensions: 260cm x 19 cm

Mid 1800s


REFERENCE: "Yao Ceremonial Paintings" by Jacques Lemoine äóÁí_í?The YaoäóÁ—? by Jess G. Pourret


Similar examples may be seen in
1. Haffenreffer Museum of Art, Brown University
2. The Metropolitan Museum of Art


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