669 Antique Indian Lehariya Bagh Phulkari Wedding Shawl Textile

Superbly embroidered Bagh Phulkari with the Lehariya or 'wave' pattern all over.

Rendered in superfine stitches laid out as concentric diamonds - that are a characteristic of Vari da Baghs gifted to brides.

PATTERN / MOTIF: Lehar or Waves




BASE CLOTH COLOR: Brown (plus a small patch of maroon)


NUMBER OF PANELS IN BASE CLOTH: 5 patches of cloth


STITCH LAYOUT TYPE: Superfine small stitches


SIZE: 131cm x 264cm AGE: Estimated to be from the mid 1900s


REGION: Punjab Punjab, Undivided India


COMMUNITY: Hindu or Sikh


NOTES: 1) Fine Embroidery small stitches
2) Border has purple & pink
3) Two shades of golden yellow used.


This item has lived a hearty life being used within the cultural context of the creators. Signs of this life are present in the form of stains, thread loss & other imperfections.

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