268 Exquisite Antique Silver Anklets Kohistan


Superbly Crafted

Kohistani Stiff Anklet

These are open when made and then fixed on permanently onto the woman's ankle.

Circa 1900

How are these worn?I have had experience with this type having worn them from 2005-2012. I'd found a gypsy woman with these on, purchased it off her feet, taken her to the jeweller in a small nearby town who used implements to gently open them off her ankles. Then with a hammer the silver was beaten into place on my ankles. It took me 6 weeks for the pain to subside and then remained on as my best bit of jewelry for years. Eventually, with weight issues, it became a problem. Finding a jeweler who knew how to get it off took a few months! This happened prior to "photograph every single object with the phone" era and so I have no photos of this.



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