201 Pair of Old Beaded Hand Fans with Lehariya Tie-Dye frills


Pair of Hand fans

Beadwork decorates one side of each fan. Glass beads have been directly attached to the base cloth used for the fan. (In later examples a bead panel is created separately and then added to any object).

Amazing Lehariya tie-dye work on the fine cotton frills - with what appears to be natural dyes

Mirror fixed on each.

Motifs include children, Tulsi plants and elephants.

Exquisitely carved wooden handles

Inner cardboard has fold wear. Discoloration on the metal surrounding the mirror. Ties to attach the fan to the wood stick have been loosely fixed and need attention.

in my opinion the fabulous tie-dye is as attrcative as the beadwork itself.

Very rare find.

Perfect for framing and hanging up on the wall.

The stick itself is about 42 cm long but height of the fan including the textile portion is about 48cm



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