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1525 Superb Antique Persian Kerman Embroidered Wool Shawl

This came to me as a Kashmir shawl but in my opinion it is a fabulous Persian Kerman Shawl with very dense elaborate applique & embroidery work

[Kashmir shawls require finer materials and finer craftsmanship with perhaps several-fold the number of hours required to produce a similar pattern in a similar size]

The design has been created by attaching small colored pieces of wool shaped according to the motifs needed, onto a traditional red base cloth using elaborate embroidered stitches in contrasting colored thread.

We see larger "meta" motifs created out of smaller motifs - for example birds created out of arabesque elements (flamingos or herons perhaps?).

The master-craftsmanship is evident through the attention that has been paid to the planning of the artwork as well as in the execution of the creation.

The wool used as patches has also been used in the lapels and is fine as can be seen from the fringes.

The wool of the red base cloth is loosely woven and thicker to provide a substantial base.

Several photos of the back have been provided for examination of the construction. Held against the strong equatorial sun, it is easy to distinguish the applique patches from the base cloth. 

circa 1900

140 x 140 cm

Wool on Wool

Good condition.

Acquired from a German auction house.

A very impressive work.

1) Christie's

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