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1459 SOLD Antique Peacock Animal Baku Azeri Pile Rug (Verneh Style)

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A very rare antique, South Caucasian Peacock PILE Rug around 1900 – Verneh, Baku, Azerbaijan

Pieces with this pattern and structure are normally only found in so-called vernehs or shaddas and are made exclusively using the Kelim or Sumakh technique.

This piece is a knotted PILE RUG! 

Though it is unlikely that this is the only Azeri Peacock Pile Rug ever made, it is certainly rare and I have yet to come across a comparable example. 

Note the well developed borders around every cell in the matrix.

Also note that the birds / animals have detailed motifs on their bodies.

Circa 1900.

Flat tight, stiff weave.

Two smaller, brownish spots.

With short ends at both ends.

Very rare!188 x 133 cm (74.01 x 52.36 in)


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This item has spent a lifetime being used for the purpose of its creation with the original artist/user. Signs of this life lived heartily may be present on the piece in the form of stains, thread loss, loose threads, holes, tears, color run and other imperfections. Therefore the condition must be assumed to be “not” perfect. More photos of such imperfections will be provided on request.


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