1285 Rare Antique Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Object Damru Drum

The Damru or drum is an essential ritual object in Tantric Buddhism practiced in Tibet and other Himalayan states.

This Damru is most probably made of yak bone and embellished with silver filigree work, coral, turquoise and perhaps crystal glass.

The sheaths are made of animal skin and the beads that produce the sound appear to be made of wood.

The silver trimmings have been well burnished with use over the decades.

The two halves are asymmetrical and unequal in size probably due to the character of the material being worked upon.

Has a silk brocade sash used to cover the central portion.

Estimated to be from the  1800s

7.5 / 8.5 cm diameter & 12 cm long approximately

Very rare object.


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