127 Tibetan Nomad's Salt Bag


This finely woven bag is made of coarse wool and is used by nomads for transporting salt from the salt lakes of Changthang by Drokbas or nomads of Tibet. These are filled and loaded onto the backs of sheep.

Handwoven & hand-stitched. Note that even in the extreme circumstances in which this was woven, the weaver thought of adding some artistic element by varying the color of the wefts to produce a weaving with fine stripes.


LITERATURE REFERENCE : Text & excellent photographs of salt collection, packing into salt bags, loading them onto sheep and transporting them for sale on pages 118-121 of the book titled 'Nomads of Western Tibet - The survival of a way of life' written by Melvyn C. Goldstein & Cynthia M. Beall.

MEASUREMENT : 27 cm x 89cm (when laid out open flat)

Estimated to be from the early 1900s


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