1236 Antique African Tribal Tuareg Pendant

Superbly made African tribal Tuareg Tcherot amulet pendant.

Description: Classic example of this famous pendant type.  Some considerable age, 19th century.  Silver elements on a leather covered metal backing.  From a notable collection.

The Tuareg people were traditionally a nomadic Berber people who established trade routes that utilized camels for transportation. Today the Tuaregs are a pastoral people who have generally settled in West Africa. The Tuareg are sometimes referred to as the “Veil People” or the “Blue People” because the indigo pigment in the cloth of their traditional robes and turbans stained the wearer’s skin dark blue. It is the men and not the women who wear the veil in Tuareg society.

Provenance: Seward Kennedy (1925 - 2015).

Dimensions: 9.5cms x 8.5cms x 1.6cms deep
Weight: 39.2gms

Condition: Great antique condition with wear to silver elements and good verdi gris to the copper layers (this gives a nice green edge to the silver).

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