1132 Antique Himalayan Mountain Coral Necklace

String of Antique Tibetan Coral

Superb beads with naturally formed irregularities.

Said to be mountain coral from the Himalayas that is considered auspicious and is worn by almost all the women of Tibet.

Glossy beads that have been smoothened as they were worn by the original owner and then her daughter and then hers ... and so on until it got sold to me about a decade ago

Beads are in varying sizes.

Strung on a temporary string - will need proper restringing.

Acquired in Tibet


"In 1818, Moorcroft noted that at an earlier date "beads of red coral were exported from Hindostan into Chinese Tartary at an immense profit"'4). Later, Atkinson
noted a brisk trade in pearls and coral bands, and in 1897 at least
it was noted that this coral had come from so far away as Italy." - Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient, Dynamics of Indo-Tibetan Trade through Uttarakha Joshi et al 1987

Estimated to be from the 1800s





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