1118 Antique Tibetan Handwritten Painted Manuscript with Carved Wood Covers

Antique Tibetan Paper Manuscript with Wooden Covers

Wood Covers have hand carving on the outside and paintings on the inside.

10 double sided folios have handwritten sutras on both sides and paintings on one side.

The handwriting strokes are very well done but casually done, suggesting that it was created by an experienced hand for a functional purpose rather than artistic one.

Each folio is made up of two sheets of papers stuck together and in some cases the gluing is coming off at the corners.

25 x 6.5 cm

Papers with script estimated to be from the early 1800s.

Wooden Covers & Paintings estimated to be added later on by a novice monk as part of a learning assignment set by a Guru.

 Damage and losses all over on the papers. Wooden covers in fair condition.

Priced keeping this in mind.

Perfect for framing.