1106 Elaborate Beaded Dayak Baby Carrier from Borneo

Traditional Dayak Baby Carrier with Tiger and Squid / Octopus Motif

Well drawn piece with superb motifs

Several glass trade beads and cowrie shells used along with some gold glittery trim, golden bits and plastic beads.

The animal claws are made of plastic.

Printed Cloth used in the backing.

Wooden seat.

The most noteworthy part of this piece is the attention to detail- suggesting that it has been made with a lot of love.

Normally only the front panel has bead work. In this piece, we see

- A beautifully beaded rim present on the top, the left and the right. The entire perimeter of the front part of the basket is covered with beaded panels!

- Both armslings are covered with beaded panels!! This is an extremely rare feature.

- The side tassels are exceptionally large and have been covered with beads of 9 colors!

The additional effort put in suggests that this was for either a first born or a much-awaited child.

It is not an old piece but it is a good example of the category of Dayak Baby Carriers.

LITERATURE REFERENCE : Photographs of baby carriers being used in real life may be seen on pages 55-56 of the book titled "Borneo - A photographic Journey" by Dennis Lau






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