1015 Complete Set Antique Tibetan Shaman Oracle's Ceremonial Bone Accessories


Superb Find!

Complete set of a Tibetan Oracle or Shaman's ornaments worn during Tantric ceremonies at festivals.

Complete set of Oracle's costume accessories:
Apron with recently replaced backing cloth
Chest cross-bands
2 Arm bands with recently changed backing cloth
Crown (recently refurbished with a new base) [Thod Ching]

This main apron made of bone and fixed with a backing cloth, is the essential apparel in some form of tantric ceremonies and has powerful icons for invoking the dieties.

It notable for its exceptionally fine carving . The top row is composed of seven elongated, diamond-shaped carved medallions connected by bone beads that are strung with Buddha images, Dakinis and other symbols. The crown is a hat made of woven black material. There are five finely carved and detailed ornaments connected with beads string. The crown shows the five Diani Buddhas Akshobhya, Ratnasambhava, Vairocana, Amitabha and Amogasiddhi.

It may be worn only by spiritual masters.

Pre 1900

Finding a complete set is a matter of serendipity and it is likely that a complete set might never come our way again!

Perfect for a Museum.


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