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Terms & Conditions of the 'Paid Classified Ad Listing' Service

Wovensouls Terms & Conditions of Service & Sale


TERMS & CONDITIONS specific to the service 'Classified Ad Listing' Program

Any individual submitting a item for pre-approval is referred to as  a "Seller"

Any individual browsing the website who expresses an interest in a Listing is referred to as a "Buyer"

The product details submitted to wovensouls by the "Seller" consisting of photographs, price and  description  for the purpose of display on wovensouls.com websiteis collectively referred to as the "Classified Ad Listing".

The Classified Ad Listing Program will be undergo a testing period until January 31, 2023. The program may end anytime during this period. The terms of the program & the operational processes may change anytime during this period.

The Terms & Conditions of accepting a Classified Ad Listing from a Seller are as follows:

  1. All items must be submitted for a pre-approval process and may or may not be accepted for a listing.
  2. Textiles & Folk Paintings may be submitted.
    Jewelry, Statues, Architectural items & coins are not accepted.
    Only Vintage / Antique artworks should be submitted for approval.
    Only Artworks priced over $800 should be submitted for approval
    Only traditional ethnic artworks should be submitted for approval
    Only non-competing artworks will be accepted
  3. Listing fees will be charged to the Seller. These are displayed clearly and may change from time to time.
  4. Listing fees are charged per item listed.
  5. The listing will remain live for 1 year or until de-listing is requested by the seller. This however does not apply during the program testing period. If the testing results are unfavorable, the program may end by the end of January and all artworks will be de-listed.
  6. The item may not be substituted once the listing has been uploaded.
  7.  Minor changes - such as a better photo or an added sentence - will be made at no additional cost.
  8. No external links / other website names are accepted in the description.
  9. Within 10 days of receipt of the photos, the completed Classified Listing Form & the payment, the listing will be uploaded to the 'Wovensouls Classified Ads' gallery collection on wovensouls.com
  10. This gallery collection will be accessible from the home page of wovensouls.com
  11. The listing will state the seller's contact details.
  12. The listing will state the limited role of wovensouls.
  13. Wovensouls shall not be liable for any misunderstanding, fraud or failure of the on the part of the Buyer or the Seller.
  14. No listing fee refunds will be granted.
  15. If a bundle of listings has been purchased, then all listings must be submitted within 30 days of payment.
  16. Sellers agree to describe the artwork with full disclosure of all the shortcomings, repairs and damages to the artwork.
  17. Sellers agree that the item listed is within their physical possession and that they have the right to sell it.
  18. Sellers agree to ship out the artwork in a timely manner
  19. The processes of communication, negotiation, payment and shipping are conducted directly between Buyer & Seller and Wovensouls has no involvement in it.
  20. Sellers are advised to use couriers with Full Tracking and Signature-on-delivery to mitigate their risk.
  21. Sellers are advised to accept payments only through Paypal and other payment platforms.
  22. All responsibility of the success of the commercial transaction for the classified ad listing rests with the Classified Ad Listing Seller and the Buyer.
  23. Sellers must ascertain the bonafides of the buyer with email / phone conversations / social media checks and undertake all due diligence measures to ensure a smooth transaction.
  24. Wovensouls.com does not promise any online traffic to or any clicks to or any enquiries regarding the Seller's classified ad listing. The responsibility of wovensouls ends at the point of creating the listing in the Classified Ads Gallery collection and making the collection visible in the main menu of the website wovensouls.com.