As this is all part of my collection, they were intended as things to fill my life with and surround myself in. However, as I stand inundated with these old things, the time has come to say good bye to many.
This first means, that when I acquired them it was with the intent of holding on to them forever. Many of these have been selected with care from the land of their origin. As a result I can safely guarantee their authenticity because I know where and how I acquired each one of these pieces. Even the ones that came from dealers, came from experts at the bottom of the supply chain. So I stand by the authenticity of every piece that you see on this site.
The age estimates are informed hypotheses and we ask you to make your own independent judgement on this factor before purchase.
Barring the items listed as NEW, all the rest of the items are old, pre-owned and must be presumed to be imperfect.
In case they are in perfect condition, a special mention will be made.
To reach me with questions - write to jaina@wovensouls.com
If you wish to speak to discuss a purchase, we can set up a time to talk.