Sell Through Wovensouls

Inherited something or collected something years ago that you would now like to sell?
List it on this gallery under the banner

"Curated By Wovensouls" 


1. Offer: You offer an artwork to be listed & sold through Wovensouls.

2. Assessment: In order to ensure that Wovensouls is the right place to present your artwork there will be an initial assessment.

3. Acceptance: If there is a good fit between the gallery and your artwork, Wovensouls  will accept the artwork for listing.  We will then begin discussions on email. phone calls and finally a video call, agree on the amount you wish to receive for the artwork, the price at which it will be listed & the other basic details of the listing. 


4. Submission: You then submit photos clicked according to the provided guidelines. You will also provide a condition report and a report on the physical aspects of the Artwork and any description / history that you are aware of.

5. Photo Processing: I will then process them for easy searchability.

6. Research: I will study the category and craft the description based on research and notes from our discussions.

7. Uploading: The photos & description are then uploaded onto the Wovensouls website and the listing will go live. The listing will be marked with a label  'Curated by Wovensouls' in the interest of transparency to the Buyer.

8. Marketing: The listing receives digital marketing coverage alongside all of the other handpicked items on the Wovensouls website.The artwork will be listed in the Recent Arrivals and if the art demands it, a blog note will be dedicated to the piece.

9. List Price: The price at which the artwork will be listed will factor in the cost of marketing & selling that will be incurred by Wovensouls and the Wovensouls margin. This will be transparent and will be agreed upon with the Seller.

10. The Listing has no end-date and there are no renewal fees. The artwork will continue to show on the website unless the Seller withdraws it.

11. The seller remains anonymous at all times.

9. Item Sells: When a buyer purchases the artwork, payment is made to Wovensouls.

10. Shipping: You are immediately informed and must now ship it out.

11. Payment: Once the buyer confirms satisfactory receipt, Wovensouls will send you your predetermined payment **



Listing Fees: $25 per listing for all time to be paid upfront. No Renewal fees.

Wovensouls Fee: 25% of List Price applied only when the artwork sells.




1. Only antique / vintage pieces are accepted
2. Artworks from Asia / North Africa are accepted. Others may be considered upon request
3. Estimated value of each listing must be US$500 or more.
4. Only individual-owned art is accepted. Statues / Bronzes / Jewelry items are not accepted.
5. Four clear photos of the artwork - one of the complete piece, one close-up, one medium-range view and one of an important element of the piece should be submitted along with basic description and price expected.


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