July News

Wovensouls April Newsletter

1) Artwork Updates

a) See the recent additions to the Gallery here
b) See the newly-created gallery devoted to the 30+ majestic red Thirma Phulkari Baghs.
c) Prices have been revised in the Golden Phulkari collection

2) Past Events  - Hali Fair

London was the place to be in in June.
The grand Hali event from June 24th - 30th with exhibitions & talks
was probably the event of the year!
I missed it but am enjoying their posts on Facebook HERE.

3) Past Events - The Kashmir Shawl Auction

The Christie's auction saw a high price of GBP 150000 !!!!!!!

So one could either buy a shawl or a decent apartment in Goa.

See all the prices here.


4) Event: Lecture

"Mathematics as Culture: the Indian Experience"

at CSVSMuseum / Mumbai  by PP Divakaran of TIFR

The lecture will present a wide-angle view of the long and vigorous history of mathematical thought in India, from the Harappan civilisation to the time of its decline and disappearance from its last stronghold in Kerala, around 1600 CE. The primary focus will be on the place mathematical literacy had in the Indian life of the mind, as seen in its symbiosis with other creative and intellectual concerns such as architecture and the decorative arts, rites and rituals, language and grammar, logic and philosophy, etc.

Wish I could have attended this one!



5) Upcoming Course

"The Silk Roads: arts, history and exploration"

at The Royal Asiatic Society / London


6) Upcoming Lecture

"Decoding Ruin Imagery in The History of Java"

Dr Sarah Tiffin at the Royal Asiatic Society / London


7) Upcoming Tour Registration

"Kites & Kutch" / Jan 2020

I came across this event arranged by Friends of Museums / Singapore and am sharing it


8) Subscribe Now

Every now and then, subscribers fare invited to private sale events.
These may be fresh offerings or excellent price offerings.
*If you would like to stay informed about such offers in the future 

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 9) Review Request

Please spare a moment to rate
WOVENSOULS here on Trustpilot.

It will add huge value to my small gallery effort.



10) Astitva Project

Things are moving ahead in July with a field visit coming up.

In the past few months, the small community of participants celebrated 2 births and one of the teacher-elders had some health issues.

Living life as it comes, we will move ahead slowly on the Astitva project, navigating these important life events.

Will have more to report in the August news.

Read about the Astitva Project here




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