Sell Through Wovensouls

Inherited something or collected something years ago that you would now like to sell?
List it on this gallery under the banner

"Offered Through Wovensouls" 


1. Registration Answer a few questions to be accepted to sell through Wovensouls. Upon approval, a small one-time registration fee is charged. This ensures that all partners treat the alliance with the same solemnity that we do.

2. Items: A Seller may offer any number of artworks to be listed & sold through Wovensouls.

3. Assessment: In order to ensure that Wovensouls is the right match, each item will be assessed.  If there is a good fit between the gallery and the artwork, the listing will be approved.

4. Listing Fee: A fee of $10 per approved listing is applicable and is to be paid upfront.

5. Listing Consultation: Sellers are offered an online consultation to discuss the price & other details of the listing to increase the saleability.

6. Listing Enhancements: Wovensouls will add details to enhance the basic searchability of your listing. Wovensouls may also add notes and reviews to highlight noteworthy aspects.

7. Marketing: The listing will receive standard coverage alongside all of the other items on the Wovensouls website.

8. Paid Marketing Add-ons are available and are encouraged for artworks of exceptional quality or bargains.

9. Commission / Mark up: Wovensouls charges a commission on every sale. 

10. Logistics, Payment & Payout::

As soon as a listed item sells, the buyer pays Wovensouls and the Seller receives an email. The item must then be shipped out by the Seller within 3 days using only designated shippers and the tracking number must be provided. 

Once the buyer confirms satisfactory receipt of item and there is no return / refund claim the Seller will receive the payout for that sale.


a) The seller remains anonymous at all times.

b) All listings will carry a label "Offered through Wovensouls" for transparency to the Buyer.



Listing Fees: $10 per listing per year to be paid upfront.

Commission: 20% of List Price+Shipping applied only when the artwork sells.

Paid Marketing Add-Ons:  $25 onwards [More Details in Marketing Add-Ons Brochure made available after registration]


Item List Price = US$400

Shipping = $100

Total = $500

Listing Fee paid upfront: $25

Commission paid at the time of Sale: 20% of $500 = $100

Seller's Receives = $275 (after all costs)





1. Only antique / vintage pieces are accepted
2. Artworks from Asia / North Africa are accepted. Others may be considered upon request
3. Estimated value of each listing must be US$500 or more.
4. Only pieces that have always been individual-owned are accepted.
Statues / Bronzes / Jewelry items are not accepted.


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