The beauty of the architecture, its unique style, the detail of the terracotta plaques on the walls that tell stories from the Hindu epics, the colors.. all fascinate me.

The roof with a curved sloping contour foxes me – how did they come up with this design? why did they come up with this complex contour? How did they manage to make it stable?

Built by a wealthy zamindaress in the 1700s along the river Bhagirathi, these temples honor Lord Shiva.

No words are needed – the visuals captured casually on a walking tour by my phone camera are sufficient!

It’s a long slideshow of 102 images so get your cup of coffee.

And don’t miss the picture of a snakeskin ….

These journeys through ‘museums’ safe in their own context and surroundings are a delight to experience. The art is where it was meant to be. And unless one has experienced the despair of seeing such amazing art completely out of context in a foreign museum, there will be no empathy or even understanding for the delight and satisfaction I felt.

For it is deprivation that allows us a greater sense of appreciation.


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Jaina Mishra

Oct 2022