An adrenaline addict constantly needs to find new ways to create the Adrenalin rush.

Fortunately this is internally generated. But …. the generation is most often dependent on external stimuli.

And those external stimuli must be arranged at the expense of money and thoughts.

For me, a cultural experience does the trick well. And so I participate in this and that, here and there.

And travel to see cultures that are differently rich from the ones I am familiar with.

So when I travel, I match my travel dates with the festival dates of the culture – because during a festival the city, its people and their traditions are in full bloom, with their deep souls displayed resplendently.

And therefore it was during the 2nd half of Durga Puja, the most important 10 day-long festival that I visited a small town of Azimganj in Murshidabad district in rural Bengal.


Here are some highlights:

  1. Visiting the Past – The Heritage House of a Wealthy Merchant
  2. Murshidabad Architecture – Heritage Buildings
  3. Murshidabad Architecture – Terracotta Temples
  4. Dhunuchi Dance (COMING SOON)
  5. Santhal Folk Dance
  6. The Cultural Splendour of Durga Puja in Murshidabad (COMING SOON)
  7. The Idea of Durga (COMING SOON)