290 SOLD Old Banjara Spice Pouch - High Density Embroidery

Old Banjara spice pouch with hard-to-find dense embroidery that renders the base cloth completely invisible.

The stitches are laid thick and close to each other in this old style of Banjara work that is difficult to find today.

The patterns are quite psychedelic and not symmetrical which is where their unique beauty lies!

Note the little shells tied in a very neat bunch to act as a counterweight to balance the pouch contents.

A superb rare utilitarian household article that is ALSO a work of art!!

This is one of my early acquisitions and was probably made in the 1920s-1950s.

The size is 22cm x 22cm approximately when laid flat.

Some fraying, fading, thread loss and edge wear.

* Some of the bright photos have been taken with a flash.


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