818 Antique Sarpallu Phulkari Bagh Textile


Before we had cartoon TV serials, we had cartoon comics. Like Tarzan and Phantom and Dennis and Amar Chitra Katha. But before that, we had textiles!

And stories were written in textiles!

Am not sure what’s going on  in these scenes – but that doesn’t stop us from conjecturing!

The scene of the woman with two men – one with what looks like a quiver full of arrows – could this be a depiction of Sita, Ram and Laxman?

What are the additional two hands on the woman?

What is the man on the right carrying? The woman’s skirt is shown as transparent in such an ingenious way!

This scene with a man leading a caravan of camels… And a herder with kids atop goats or sheep In Punjab??

The game of dice …. in which one could win (or lose) kingdoms and wives!

A seller with a portable weighing scale and a basket full of berries maybe? And the seller on the right has a sound-making toy  – both trying to get the attention of the man in the center with the shopping basket?

What a lovely storyboard to use as the 'multimedia' support in storytelling!




THREAD LOSS: Minor thread loss present - restricted to purple & cream silk threads

STAINS: Minor color transference seen




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