565 SOLD Antique Indian Sanskrit Manuscript - Bhagvat Gita with Miniature Paintings

Rare Antique Manuscript Book in Sanskrit language / Devangari script containing verses from the "Bhagvad Geeta"

The Bhagvat Gita is the chapter of the Mahabharata epic containing the lecture given by Krishna to Arjun on the battlefield and is a philosophical treatise on how to life one's life. The Gita is one of the most important books of Hindu philosophy.

This manuscript contains 405 double sided pages (810)

12 paintings present.

 9 of these are decorative flowers.

3 of these are superb miniature paintings depicting the subjects of the story - Krishna and Arjun. The figures of Krishna and Arjun have gold illumination to highlight their crowns etc.

Elaborate border on the first page  and well done tricolor borders on most others.

Leaf Size of each leaf Approx 7 cm X 12 cm

Some stains and wear. The last 4-6 pages (2-3 leaves) have been written in a different hand.

Hard cover binding of cloth and cardboard that is loose on the back. Additional printed guard-pages have been added to the front and back.

Complete Book

Age unknown - may be from the 1800s or earlier

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