1075 Antique Bengal Pattua Painting Scroll

Pattua Indian Handpainted Narrative Scroll. India

The scrolls are drawn on handmade cloth called "khadi" which is specially processed by applying a paste of tamarind seeds, tree gum, and white clay.

Size: 146" L x 19.5" W (370.84 cm x 49.53 cm)

A visual aid used by singers to narrate folk tales & legends as they went from home to home to narrate the legend to educate & entertain the people.

An extremely long scroll of hand painted papers stitched together with several scenes from the legend. [Legend to be reserached]

Read about the usage of such scrolls in this blog note here.

Has some damage from usage.

Estimated to be from the early 20th century (the auction house this was purchased from estimated it to be from the 19th century)




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